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The Female Investor Collective


Epic Angels, a powerhouse network of angel investors, revolutionizing & democratizing angel investing, on track to becoming the largest female-only angel investor network in Asia Pacific. We democratize angel investing by giving you access to deals, lower the barrier to enter, and build confidence through education & peers. Curious how you can join Epic Angels? Get in touch!

Epic Investors

Meet the Epic Investors that make Epic Angels, a network of more than 90 female executives and operators who have built and expanded companies in all parts of the world.

Pitch your Start Up

Our focus is early-stage startups in Asia Pacific across all verticals. We invest in pre-seed, seed, and Series A rounds. We are strong advocates of female leadership. Having at least one woman on your executive team is required. We invest up to 150K USD per company. We know building a company is not easy. We support startups teams with capital, knowledge, mentorship, a global network and we take board seats. Our angels are executors. We roll up our sleeves to support our investments with further growth and scaling. Above all, we invest in people. We invest in founders who refuse to die. Founders who choose agility over ego.

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We work together with the best accelerators and VC firms in the region. A selection of our partners are represented here.


Got a question? We've got answers.

Do you only invest in women?

We invest in startups and founders with potential, no matter whether it is a woman or a man. Although at least one of the executive team members should be a woman. We actively scout startups with female founders. At least 75% of our portfolio companies are women-led.

What is the average investment amount?

As a collective, we invest up to 150K USD per startup through syndication. This allows each investor to join with amounts as low as 5K USD. You decide per startup whether you want to invest or not.

Is there a fee to join?

Not yet. The first three months are free to join. We meet once a month where you discuss the deals on the table, and you will have full access to all deals. After three months, you decide whether you want to continue or not. The annual fee is USD 750.

I have no experience. Can I join?

Absolutely! Every month, new angel investors join our network, both seasoned investors and newbies. You will see you have way more to contribute than you might think. We meet every month, and we have onboarding sessions to educate you on the basics. Check the 'Education' tab on this page to find more resources.

I am a man. Can I join?

Sorry guys, Epic Angels is for female investors only. We all read about the funding gap. Currently, only 2% of venture capital goes to women-led startups despite it being well-established that gender diversity leads to higher financial returns. Instead of trying to convince men to invest in these female founders, we believe the solution is to create more female investors.

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