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If you are a female executive or operator, with the funds to invest in early-stage startups throughout Asia Pacific, we would love to get your on our team of Epic Investors! Leave your contact details and we will get back to you shortly.

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Why you should join Epic Angels

Epic Angels is a women-only angel investment network, democratizing angel investing. Epic Angels provides women with a platform to invest, learn, and help incubate more female angel investors who want to be part of the thriving startup scene.

Access to deals

Every month, we will present 3 - 5 curated startups deals, ready for your review. We see about 100 startups every month, and we select the most interesting ones to present to you. You will have the opportunity to speak with the founders.

Lower barrier to enter

We syndicate deals, which means as an investor you can co-invest with smaller amounts, starting at 2K USD. You decide per startup whether you want to invest or not. As a collective, we invest up to 200k USD per startup.


We are a global community of over 200 Epic women. A community of like-minded women with successful careers. We give women the confidence to invest, by learning about the investment process, and understanding how other women invest.

Epic Investors

Meet the Epic Investors that make Epic Angels, a network of more than 200 female executives and operators who have built and expanded companies in all parts of the world.